Only the Young


Wed, May 2

   9:15 / Kabuki

Thu, May 3

   7:45 / Kabuki


USA, 2012, 72 min


Elizabeth Mims, Jason Tippet
Derek Waters
Elizabeth Mims, Jason Tippet
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Ticket info: The following screenings of this film are "At Rush": Wed May 2 9:15

Kevin and Garrison are boyhood friends in a sleepy California suburb. They share a love of skateboarding, an evangelical Christian faith and a sense of confusion about romantic relationships. Debut feature-length documentary directors Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet display remarkable sensitivity and a penchant for wry and respectful humor in their treatment of Kevin and Garrison’s journeys and travails. Only the Young continuously surprises with its low-key stylistic choices, which are intuitively pitch-perfect in relation to the stories of these young men. It helps that the directors have struck gold in finding Kevin and Garrison. The boys hold each other in loving tension throughout the film, displaying vulnerability, admirable self-consciousness, relatable naiveté and an almost embarrassing integrity. The surrounding characters—an evangelical leader, young girls who may or may not prove good partners for Kevin and Garrison—are equally kindhearted and thoughtful. This is a movie about goodness in an oft-cynical era, and it will have you reinvesting joy into the world. If that doesn’t sell you, come for one of the best dance scenes in a movie this year.

—Sean Uyehara

US Premiere.

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Elizabeth Mims

Elizabeth Mims grew up in Austin, Texas, and graduated from CalArts in 2010. While there she served as producer on Jason Tippet’s short, Thompson. Only the Young marks her feature film debut.

Jason Tippet

Jason Tippet attended CalArts as an undergraduate, where he directed Thompson, his first short documentary. The film won the Grand Jury Award at SXSW 2009 and screened at Sundance 2010. Only the Young is his first feature.